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The International Biennial of Casablanca has announced the schedule for the 5th edition of the Biennial, which is scheduled to take place from 24 September to 1 November 2020.

The works presented at the Biennale will address a wide range of themes typical of the island of Réunion, each artist responsible for a different aspect of the island's history, culture and cultural heritage. In a way that proposes a new reading of the past in the light of the present, drawing on traces of storytelling and memorial objects, these include the history of colonialism, the struggles for independence and the struggle for self-sufficiency - self-sufficiency in a postcolonial world. At the heart of current decolonial thinking is the relationship between the colonial state and its colonial subjects. He will respond to Floyd's metaphysical thoughts about the cosmogonic universe, which find expression in installations, sound art, and performance.

Floyd's residency is being organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art of the Reunion, a non-profit organization, and the other five artists will be guests at the Biennale with the support of the Department of Art and Design of the University of Geneva and the National Museum of Fine Arts.

First, NOAPS's primary purpose is to showcase what is called "the good of America," in the form of artists from North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The purpose was to give these artists the opportunity to present themselves to the public and interact with them to raise awareness of North American talent.

The exhibition "Best of America" was shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City, from April 26 to May 2, 2016. The jury for the exhibition consisted of Michael D. Miller, Professor of Art History at Columbia University, and Michael J. Schreiber, Associate Professor at Yale University. American art, claiming that the exhibition defines the broad profile of "American art.

As I grew up and became more popular in the United States, travel reports began to emerge in which I presented my journey, what I saw, and most of my work. Art "by Kano photographed me with iPhones that showed me walking through galleries like Ink & Gold, but I haven't seen any of his works yet, even though I'm in New York City.

We should remember that the social context of the time prohibited the mixing of whites and blacks, because it was too reminiscent of a time of slavery and colonization, and that blacks who gathered in public would be punished with whips. The Code of Noir separated blacks from whites and formally prevented any cultural exchange between the two groups. This was rejected and replaced by other leisure activities that did not have the same cultural significance, such as "white and black" as "king and sailor."

Only the spoken word remained to describe the former slave's physical expressions, and it is rare for written documents to refer more than once to dancing, killing, or fighting. However, not all certain Asian martial arts together are of priceless cultural value. It underscores the absolute best that Chicago has to offer in art, music and entertainment, "said Chef Art Smith.

In 2016, Smith and partner Fred Latsko opened the farm - to - table oasis, located in the heart of Chicago's Gold Coast. Smith is now trying to combine his experience with Chicago - with Chicago-based executive chef Hector Guerrero, who will lead the kitchen on Reunion Island to serve more local and international guests in one of the top locations - and to destinations in the Midwest. George is proud to be a partner, while Manolis will act as director of the business, bringing a diverse restaurant experience to the management mix. The Reunion property and management group includes George and his family, his wife and co-owner Mary Ann and their family.

NOAPS continues to support its members by expanding its exhibition and marketing capabilities and by giving members the opportunity to market their art to collectors around the world. In 2013, NOAPS began advertising the Best of America Exhibitions and has continued to support members in expanding and expanding the marketing opportunities for exhibitions by providing them with access to the best of the country's best art galleries, as well as the opportunity to market and market the art of members to collections and collectors around the world.

The Philadelphia Museum gathered a group of artists from around the country and members from around the world and began planning a national exhibition focused on oil and acrylic media.

An archive of eyewitness accounts compiled as part of the university's research program began to confirm the analysis, as seen in a series of photos and interviews with members of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and other museums.

Idem is seen by some as a struggle, but reservations must be expressed about Philippe Bourjon's work, published by the University of Réunion in 1988. These reservations concern the possible French origin of the customs and the possibility of their involvement in the assassination of Napoleon.

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