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The weekend of reunion is an opportunity to relive the days at the university, to remember with friends, to reconnect with the campus and to remember deceased classmates. Class reunions are a great way to meet old friends and enjoy the memories of people you've known for many, many years. Organising a successful reunion can be a truly enriching experience, rebuilding old friendships and making new ones.

If you are interested in planning an affinity meeting, the Alumni Association will work with your committee to provide you with the information and resources needed for a successful event. Our staff will help you to create a budget for the activities of the reunion and work with you to determine a price for your reunion participation.

In addition to the required events, you can also coordinate optional class events. If there is no set budget for your class, our Alumni Relations staff will work with your Assembly Committee to assess the feasibility of the event based on the budget and time required for the proposed event. If an event is not offered, you should also consider meeting a group of people you met in high school.

If you are attending a big reunion, planning many activities or if your reunion will last several days, you should create a reunion route. The length of the event is determined by the number of hours most reunion events cover on average per hour. Ask your chairman to plan an hour - a long event for each day of reunion from the first to the last day.

There are some events that can be pre-arranged and cannot be rescheduled, including events that need to be coordinated with many classes, such as class reunions. In March, staff are unable to make any significant changes to classes or events or to include new classes and events in the reunion plan. Employees take a holistic approach to review the reunion schedule and review all events, schedules and schedules for each class to ensure that participants attend as many events as possible.

Programme committee members are also responsible for determining which teachers and staff invite to dinners and class evenings and for arranging the evening programme for the reunion. The members of the committee will help plan, plan and conduct 1-2 class events for each reunion at each class meeting in March.

Once the decision for class-specific activities has been made by the planning committee for the weekend of the class meeting, the class pages will be updated and provided with information specifically related to the meeting. Relationship groups will have access to a list of class events for the weekend as well as information about the class activities. Once we have established the general schedule for the reunion, including the classes, the staff of the Alumni Relations Department will determine the location of the events.

New contact information collected from participants in the events will be updated to ensure that we have accurate dates for the next meeting. We will review memories and dates and contact details for future meetings before the meeting for future participants.

We would appreciate it if you would ask your classmates for resources, but we have a responsibility to ensure that they can enjoy the event to the fullest. Please let us know if you can, that the reunification year is coming and let us contact you with resources.

Where you left off, you will revive, follow your reunion events and activities, choose a song, plan a dignified memory, read excerpts from your letters, diaries and history, and try to fill you with school spirit. Break the ice this year with a special reunion for your classmates, family members, friends and colleagues - workers.

For classes that use Facebook as part of their public relations strategy, a post asking classmates which classmates they would like to see at the meeting is an easy way to connect with them and get suggestions from a broader group. You can allow non-local classmates to participate and get involved, and you can discuss the finer details of your reunion with your classmates, family members, friends, colleagues and colleagues - staff from other schools. If you are interested in helping to plan a reunion, contact alumni gustavus @ edu or call 800 - 487 - 8437 or contact the Alumni Parental Engagement Office. Members of the Planning Committee for the reunion cannot answer many questions, but staff at the former couple's parents' office are also willing to do so.

Connect with your classmates on your goodbye page, make a short video and chat about your favorite memories from your final year. We encourage the members of the Reunion Club to write the conversation by e-mail and post the video on a YouTube channel created specifically for the meeting, and we encourage you to make short videos.

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More About Reunion