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Every single meeting I've ever attended has had a lot of delicious food and a great number of great recipes. If you haven't read my tips for planning meals at family gatherings, here are some recipes that are perfect for meeting a large group. And if you don't want to go to prison in the South, here's a simple, devilish egg recipe that will make you happy.

If you want to spice up your family reunion with a stuffed, bite-sized casserole, try this cheesy Mexican dish. This light fruit dip is a great snack with fruit at family celebrations and this dish is the highlight of any evening.

If you have a family reunion on July 4th, this is the dessert you want to make if you have to. If you are a chocolate lover at your family celebrations, you have important points to make this rich, chocolate and sweet dessert.

You can save on cooking and preparing your family reunions if you have a catering event and most catering companies offer customizable menus that match your theme. In addition to the actual preparation of the meals, you will also receive a list of how much food is required depending on the size of your guest list. A professionally prepared menu for a family celebration also frees the guests for the cleanup process that takes place after the event.

If you have a budget, outsourcing food preparation can save you a lot of headaches if you don't behave like a reunion group full of dedicated chefs and have to respect everyone's budget. The cost of eating at Reunion is usually covered by the participants, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts on how to pay for the meal at Reunion and what you will find at the end of this article. No, we would like to know, but please do not behave as if your reunion group were a full-fledged - committed - cook.

The best part of these two things is actually # 1, they are perfect for large groups and family celebrations. Create a family directory and make it easy to create a list of all participants in the meeting, as well as names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. You can also add a location for the due registration and include information about yourself. This will be a great way to encourage your family members to stay in touch, and it will also make your reunion more accessible to other family members.

If you want to create lasting memories and get the best value for money, a family reunion at a campsite is a great option. Organizing a destination meeting costs a little more time and money, but offers families the opportunity to go on holiday together.

Use this opportunity to create a list of your family's favorite foods, as well as some of the family's favorite foods, so that everyone can bring photos and create a page. Make sure to request the recipes several months in advance and include them in the recipe book as a goodbye gift. Have them sent to you by email to print or create for your reunion wishes, or even as an invitation to a reunion.

This way your family knows where to find their food and does not eat any important ingredients for the upcoming meal. Have the family bring their favorite food in a covered dish and then put it on the buffet when you meet again. If you are ready to plan your reunion dinner, call your caterer list and check availability with the date of the event. Once you have selected a caterer, set up a meeting - a meeting to plan your meal with him, to discuss the meal plans and all the other important details such as the place and time of your meeting.

Of course, it depends on the size of the family, but reuniting a family requires a lot of food, especially for a large group of people like a wedding or birthday party.

If you need to feed five thousand people, you need creative planning and organization to satisfy your family's appetite and different tastes during reunification. If reunion is central to most family members, ask people if they have brought their favorite recipes for the potty they brought with them. A simple way to plan food for a reunion is to bring what you like to eat and what you need to cook to your family. Wraps, large sandwiches that can be prepared, and even slices of bread are options for lunch at a family reunion.

If you have a family celebration on July 4th, Patriotic Poke Cake is a dessert you want to make. This delicious dish is pretty high on my list of favourite family reunions when I go to family reunions and earn my own spot. If your family has many chefs and bakers like mine, a "recipe book for family reunions" can be a fun idea to get all your favorite recipes in one place. If you're planning one, make sure you share a few copies of your favorite recipe with them.

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