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Located on the Atlantic coast of central Florida, Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront offers all the amenities for a reunion without leaving the pristine white sand beach. The Hilton's central location is also ideal for day trips, which are a much needed getaway for any family celebration. If that's not enough, the Hilton will be headlining the SAP Software Corporation Convention on Saturday, July 9. The icing on the cake, however, is that you have everything you need in your hotel suite.

Download the reservation and guest list and ask your hotel sales manager at check-in and split your budget as you please. Make sure you have an account in your Hilton account so you and your group can book conveniently online. No matter how many reservations you make per day, you can make them all at once without having to download and re-download them.

The Hilton website shows the average room rate at the Hilton Reunion Hotel in Las Vegas starting at $114 a night, but buy the best rates. Note that hotels charge a resort fee per night (35% Hilton tax) and a hotel tax of $35.00 per hotel room in addition to room rates.

Leisure and business travelers looking for a relaxed and sophisticated experience will feel right at home in the welcoming atrium of the Hilton Reunion Hotel. If you want to keep your reunion away from the sun, there is an outdoor pool with pool table and pool bar, and there are private meeting rooms for those who want to rent them out to groups. Newly renovated rooms such as the Junior Suites bring peace and luxury to your event. Groups looking to maximize their space should consider the additional space on the sofa or bed that JuniorSuites offers.

Hilton Worldwide offers a wide range of rooms where multiple family members can stay at the Hilton Reunion Hotel. Each room has a private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen, private shower and private dining room. The ideal family reunion trip is a convenience - on-site, inexpensive - that helps travelers maximize their travel budget. Other value-oriented facilities include a private pool and pool bar, an outdoor pool table with pool tables, a spa and fitness centre and private meeting rooms. Most evenings are served with complimentary wine, beer, wine and spirits, food and drinks, entertainment and entertainment.

For guests looking for comfortable accommodations when traveling for a longer or quicker night, Homewood Suites offers inviting and spacious suites with a fully equipped kitchen, private shower and private dining room. This full service, upscale brand offers guests access to a wide range of amenities including a private pool and pool bar, outdoor pool table with pool tables, spa and fitness center, food and beverages, entertainment and entertainment, as well as an outdoor dining area with showers and a fully equipped kitchen for cooking breakfast.

In addition to the prize - successful digital check-in - Hilton HHonors members can log into their account and select their room based on a digital floor plan and customize their room. This centre has a personalised page where family members can coordinate their reunion when they are not in the hotel. The event room determines the size of the meeting rooms required for the event and the proximity of your hotel to your venue.

Will family members be able to make their own reservations or will one person process all reservations? Meetings are all about logistics. How many people you invite, where you host, how long you stay and how much money you pay are the basic factors to consider. To get started, sign in for your Hilton HHonors account for more information on the Hilton Hilton Hotel website.

Focused on guest satisfaction, Homewood Suites is one of the best family celebration hotels in the Atlanta area. African-American families can be counted on to simplify the planning process and provide other amenities that families will surely enjoy. This recently renovated space offers a bespoke reunion menu, best served when meeting for a full day of meals, drinks and entertainment at the Hilton Hotel. Choose from a variety of options to see the link on the website to get more information about the hotel's special events and events for your family celebration.

Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront caters for your needs when your reunion is tailor-made to combine activities, relax on the beach and experience all that Central Florida has to offer. The luxurious accommodations, excellent food and drink, and proximity to Orlando make this a second - not a second - goodbye destination.

What makes this family reunion so great is diversity - the focused efforts of Hilton Group, the largest and most diverse hotel group in the world. With Hilton's portfolio, which includes Hilton Hotels, Hilton Resorts International and Hilton International, HHC has a portfolio of more than 2,300 hotels owned or co-owned by Hilton. Hilton, a leading brand in the hospitality industry, delivers what travelers value most: high quality, superior service, exceptional amenities and a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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