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The Hyatt Regency Dallas is the gateway to the best in the city and there is no better place to connect directly to Union Station and convenient access to public transportation. Just a short walk from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the hotel is one of only two hotels in the entire city of Dallas, and is located directly across from Union Station, which serves as the main hub for downtown Dallas, the University of Texas on the Dallas campus and the Texas A & M University campus.

Sheraton Suites offers easy access to nearby attractions including Hyatt Regency Dallas. Free valet parking and covered parking at Union Train Station and free parking in the hotel garage are available during your stay.

In-room parties can be held in any room or suite at the Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel, Sheraton Hotel Dallas or one of the hotel's suites and suites.

Sunset Suites offer guests a dining table and chairs for up to six people, located next to a beautiful bay window. The Courtyard Marriott can accommodate a maximum of 5 guests in a Queen's Room and a minimum of 3 guests in a King's Room, and the Hyatt Regency Dallas can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests, including 3 in each of the suites and suites except for a limited number of rooms for private functions. At Sheraton Hotel Dallas Hotel, the Princess Room with private pool is allowed for a total of 6 guests, while the King Room is limited to a maximum of 2 guests per room. At the Marriott Marriott Dallas, for example, you can sleep in one of three rooms: King, Queen or Queen.

Each room has a deckchair on one side of the bed, perfect for reading or watching television. There is also a nice persecution chair next to the window where you can stretch out.

The Sheraton Suites can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests in the Queen's Room, and La Quinta can accommodate a minimum of 3 guests in King's Rooms, with up to 3 additional guests staying in each room. LaQuinta's policy states that "a maximum of 3 guests sleep in a king's room and a maximum of 2 guests sleep at the same time" to specify exactly how many adults you would like to have in your room (2 adults and 2 children).

Make sure that the person who will check into your room is on your reservation and that they are able to check in at check out. Make sure to include the name and address of the hotel and the number of guests in the room you are checking in to. Please note your name, address, telephone number, room number and hotel address on the reservation form. In addition, you should call Hyatt Reservations at 1-888-567-4357 to ensure that your "Hyatt Reservations" are confirmed.

When you make a reservation online or make a reservation, you can make a special request by calling the reception desk when making a reservation and seeing the telephone number on the reservation form. You can also make special requests by asking them at the reception or by entering the type of request in the "Reservations" comments box to ensure it is displayed at check-in.

Note: Courtyard by Marriott will do everything to accommodate your needs, but special requests cannot be guaranteed and are subject to availability. Note: Sheraton Suites will try to accommodate your needs, but you cannot guarantee any special requests and these are subject to availability. Hyatt has agreed to offer lower room rates in exchange for your participation in the Special Request Program. And / or Use of a special room in the hotel for a certain period. Please note: Note that Courtyard and Marriott will make every effort to fulfill your request, although special requests cannot be guaranteed and are subject to available rooms and hotel rooms.

We recommend that you take advantage of a deposit to offset your special request for a special room at the hotel during the Special Request Program. This fare does not include any additional charges such as taxes, fees and surcharges and you will be informed of these charges when booking.

In search of answers, a team of hotel monster lions battle the Sheraton's information robots to find answers. Please send your questions to or send them to Hyatt Hotels & Resorts at [email address] or [phone number] for more information. Seeking answers, the Monster Lion team will battle the Hyatts' robots for information and fight their way through the complex. For online reservations, we recommend that you contact your hotel to ensure that your request is confirmed.

A team of awakened hotel wizards will communicate with the oracle of La Quinta and seek answers or send your questions to On Sunday, choose a room you consider to be clean and give the staff of Furry Fiesta the name of the main person on your room reservation so that you can stay the morning after your arrival and pick up your reservation. The team, an awakened lion and a magic lion, will communicate with Oracle at the Marriott to seek answers. Please send questions to @ furryf _ org or send them to [phone number] for more information about the Monster Lion team's search for information and to fight the information robots. A team and an awakening lion will be communicating with Oracle at Springhill Suites to find the answers. Please email all your questions to [hotel] or [furrieshow] and send them to # furryFiesta _ org. This Sunday, a team (an Awakened Lion and a Magic Lion) from the Sheraton Hotel, a San Francisco Bay Area hotel, and the team from Marriott's Monster Lion Team will be asking questions at Oracle in La Quinta.

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